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Œnozym® Thiols : refresh your wines during maturation

29 March 2021 2:18 pm

It is well known that during alcoholic fermentation, volatile thiols derive from odorless aroma precursors, found in many grape varieties. These precursors are cleaved under the enzymatic action of yeasts. Thiols released express intense notes of boxwood, citrus and tropical fruits.

However, yeasts can only reveal up to 15% of the volatile thiols during alcoholic fermentation. Thus, a very high proportion of precursors remains unrevealed in the wine. To take advantage of this aroma potential, LAMOTHE-ABIET has developed Œnozym® Thiols, a purified cinnamoyl esterase activity solution of specific pectolytic enzymes. This solution reproduces the yeast enzymatic activity, and thus reveals more volatile thiols.

Added during aging or shortly before bottling, Œnozym® Thiols will reveal 4MMP (boxwood) and 3MH (citrus) aromas. As yeast activity is absent at this stage, A3MH (tropical fruits) aromas cannot be produced. Œnozym® Thiols is a relevant oenological solution to maintain the aromatic freshness of wines in the long run.


  • Œnozym® Thiols enhances the thiol intensity of a wine to increase its aromatic potential over time.
  • Œnozym® Thiols can also be used to treat wines, just before bottling, to reduce the risk of aromatic loss through oxidation.


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