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Solutions forwinemaking

With over 140 years of experience and exchange with laboratories, wineries and negociants, Lamothe-Abiet provides appropriate and innovative enological solutions.

This great heritage nourishes our inspiration to envision the future, favouring an approach that is natural and sustainable.

At Lamothe-Abiet, men and women have worked for over five generations, with enthusiasm and passion, to help get expertise into wineries around the world to make the best wines possible.


1878 - Lamothe habiet


Whilst the Eiffel tower was slowly being built...

1920s - Lamothe habiet


Whilst Chaplin founded the United Artists company....

1960s - Lamothe habiet


Whilst Armstrong prepared to walk on the Moon...

1987 - Lamothe habiet


Whilst CDs were beginning to replace vinyls...

2001 - Lamothe habiet


Whilst the encyclopedia Wikipedia was launched...

2002 - Lamothe habiet


Whilst the European Union
switched to the euro...

2007 - Lamothe habiet


Whilst the first Iphone
was released...

2008 - Lamothe habiet


Whilst 3D became the norm in the cinema…

2012 - Lamothe habiet


Whilst streaming became popular worldwide...

2015 - Lamothe habiet


Whilst 197 countries signed the climate agreement...

2018 - Lamothe habiet


Whilst France won the world cup for the second time...

Our visionfor enology

Through its large distribution network, Lamothe-Abiet continually creates strong bonds between different industry players.


The evolution of the wine market pushes our teams to offer you innovative enological solutions, in keeping with our founding values, with the greatest respect for the finished product.


Five generations of devoted men and women have shaped Lamothe-Abiet’s values.


It is in our DNA to innovate and to seek excellence. To do this, we prioritize exchanges in a climate of trust and proximity, preferring collaboration and kindness.


We adapt ourselves with rigour, reactivity and pragmatism in order to constantly improve our service.

A jointsuccess

Lamothe-Abiet is a young team passionate about wine and enology. Each division plays its role by offering you quality service and renowned technical expertise.


With a desire to create and to transmit, we are strongly client oriented to offer the best enological solutions.


Present around the world, collaboration and partnership are what drive our joint success.

Research & development,experimental centre and innovations

R&D is an integral part of Lamothe-Abiet’s DNA.
For both fundamental and applied research, this service enables us to be at the heart of the latest enological developments.

A presence around the world