Research & development

R&D is an integral part of Lamothe-Abiet’s DNA.
For both fundamental and applied research, this service enables us to be at the heart of the latest enological developments. The research projects we lead give Lamothe-Abiet’s teams a global and critical view of winery practices.

This division is separated into two sectors:

«Microbiology»: this department studies the fermentation and its environment, working on the selection and characterisation of new organisms (yeasts, bacteria), as well as better understanding their nutrition.

«Colloidal chemistry»: this division studies the colloidal phenomena in musts and wines to better control wines’ stability, their filterability, and the effectiveness of finings.

Our experimental centre

All innovations are the fruit of in-situ trials. For this, each new solution is tested in our experimental centre in order to confirm its effectiveness. This centre has about thirty stainless steel 2hL thermoregulated tanks, which allows for a large amount of modalities.

After harvesting and maturation, the wines are bottled in our “process” room, to be tasted by our teams and our clients. Once confirmed in the laboratory, then in our experimental centre, the innovations are trialed in partner wineries before being distributed.

Continual innovations

Innovation is an integral part of Lamothe-Abiet’s DNA. It is possible thanks to our proximity with actors in the field, continual exchanges with our client, and our R&D department’s advanced expertise.

This innovation is in the service of our clients, so that we can provide solutions that meet the needs of the wine market. For example, our recent research has been mainly oriented towards the optimisation of wine aromas, decreasing sulfites, and adapting enological practices to climate change.

Discover our history

With over 140 years of experience and exchange with laboratories, wineries and negociants, Lamothe-Abiet provides appropriate and innovative enological solutions.