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Inactivated yeast, yeast hulls and purified cellulose

  • Vegan

Actibiol® releases growth and survival factors into the must and helps to bind inhibitory compounds. The growth factors (vitamins, amino acids, peptides…) are essential for yeast multiplication. The survival factors (long chain fatty acids, sterols…) help to maintain the yeasts’ viability and ensure their fermentary metabolism until the end of the alcoholic fermentation.

Yeast hulls bind pesticide residues and inhibitory compounds such as medium chain fatty acids (C8, C10) that are produced by yeast when they are under stress. By blocking these compounds that are harmful to the yeast, the end of the alcoholic fermentation is secured.

For stuck fermentations, Actibiol® efficiently detoxifies the medium and provides nutrients to the yeasts used for restarting the AF.