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Aroma T’n’T

Inactivated yeasts (Saccharomyces cerevisiæ) naturally rich in glutathione and its precursors and in β-glycosidase enzymes

  • NOP
  • Vegan
Aroma T’n’T

Aroma T’N’T has several benefits. Firstly, β-glycosidases enzymes release aromas from their glycosylated precursors (terpenes, C-13 norisoprenoids).

Adding glutathione rich inactivated yeasts ensures that all of the wine’s aromas are protected against oxidation, particularly thiols which are the most sensitive. Glutathione (GSH) is a sulfurous tripeptide that is a natural component of living cells. It has a strong reducing capacity and plays an important role in preventing oxidation.

This product is allowed for a use in NOP according to the current regulations. See the certificate.

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