Quality & Certificates

General procedure & commitments

At Lamothe-Abiet, quality, safety and the environment are deeply ingrained in our work. Faithful to our objective to constantly improve, we have committed our quality systems to the FSSC22000 health security certification. This GFSI certification allows us to meet the demands of supermarket distribution, including the IFS and BRC standards.


We are also members of the Œnoppia association, the intermediary in our industry with the reglementary authorities. It has an essential role, especially in the deliberation of enological products and practices.

General certificate

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Alimentarity, GMO, Nanotechonologies

Quality policy

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Goals of the year


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Restriction of chemical substances

Regulation about
oenological practices

Regulation EU 2019/934

International Oenological Codex

Specifications of products allowed in winemaking

FSSC 22000

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Our commitment to health safety


We have been certified ISO 22 00 since 2008, and over the past few years have sought to go further in the security of our products for the consumer. We therefore worked on the new issues and obtained the FSSC 22 000 certification in 2019, which is based around four main points:


  • Health safety: with different topics including hygiene, allergens, traceability…
  • The fight against fraud: by evaluating the supplier risk before selection, and thanks to the implementation of protective measures (product analyses, quality certifications…).
  • The fight against malevolent acts: by ensuring the safety of our site, up to delivery of the products to our clients.
  • Risk and opportunity management: in order to find and implement preventative actions.


All these elements help us to continually improve our practices.

FSSC 22000

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Our commitment to health safety


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Regulatory compliance


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Details of products that may contain allergens


A lot of our products have labels or usage authorisations based on other standards than the FSSC 22 000.

In particular, we work with the ORGANIC, NOP, Vegan, Kosher standards. Our objective is to make it easy for our clients to use our products with the standards they follow.

Lamothe-Abiet –
Organic & Nop wines

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Use in ORGANIC/NOP winemaking

Novozymes –
organic wines

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Use in ORGANIC winemaking

AB distributeur

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Certification as a distributor of organic products


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Products that can be used for winemaking of vegan wines

Animal origin

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Products that contain ingredient(s) of animal origin

Animal well-being

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Animal welfare


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Products that can be used for Kosher Label winemaking


Within the framework of its environmental and social policy, Lamothe-Abiet is committed to respecting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the International Labour Organisation.


Lamothe-Abiet has undertaken an environmental analysis of its site. This analysis has already highlighted the following good practices: waste management, resource preservation, waste reduction and reduction of resource consumption.

development policy

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Goals oh the year


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