Cellulose gum solution (carboxymethyllcellulose or CMC) at 50 g/L (E466)

  • Vegan

Lamothe-Abiet has selected an effective, neutral tasting and easy-to-use cellulose gum.

This product, specifically made for use on wine, has been selected with respect to two constants: its degree of substitution (DS) and its degree of polymerisation (DP). These two parameters determine the product’s viscosity and solubility in water. Vinoprotect® is the best compromise between these two criteria and the ability to stabilise wine against risks of potassium bitartrate precipitation at wines’ pH at temperatures.

Vinoprotect® has a “colloid protector” effect, inhibiting the nucleation of tartrate crystals, thus blocking the development of tartrate microcrystals and their subsequent precipitation.

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