Œno 1®

Œnococcus œni

  • Organic
  • NOP
  • Vegan
Œno 1<sup>®</sup>

Co-inoculation with Œno 1® saves time by giving a quick start and completion to the malolactic fermentation, which also saves money in heating and labour.

Œno 1® prevents spoilage: produces low volatile acidity, no biogenic amines, and prevents development of Brettanomyces and other undesirable microorganisms. It is adaptable enough to be used in sequential inoculation, after the alcoholic fermentation is finished.

This product is allowed for a use in Organic and NOP according to the current regulations. See the certificate.

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This practical booklet aims to give information and simple, effective tools for the preventive and curative management of Brettanomyces.